Friday 25 September, 2020 | Karine Smith

“The simple yet effective therapeutic tool has great help for me in creating the App. As my golden years go on, it will be my friend forever.

Masako Wakamiya is 84 years old and she is the oldest computer coder in Japan. She served in an IT company for more than 40 years. Before she retired, she did achieved several accolades in her field. 

Now, Masako is a full-time granny in taking care of her only grandson, Takahashi. With probably Naomi's genes, Takahashi also loves coding and was very IT savvy. 

Together, Masako and Takahashi had a dream...

They think that the old generation and the young generation are not well connected. In order to foster the relationship, they wanted to create a Game App that both generations can enjoy playing together. 

The Unexpected Happens

Half way through with the App development, Takahashi was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

This affected Takahashi could not continue to develop the Game App together with his granny. 

"My biggest regret is I couldn't complete the dream with you, grandma..."


"It will be fine, all these leave it to me, I will accomplish our dream."


Masako decided to be adventurous and resumed where they left off, using the experience she had and learning new stuff. 

Even though she is an experienced coder, however App development is something relatively new to her. There are many new technological developments that had emerged since her time. 

In order to progress, Masako had to learn, thus spending lots of time on the computer. With the hours spent on the computer, she started experiencing pain on her fingers. 

She didn’t think too much about it in the beginning, thinking that it’s just fatigue.

As the time moved on, the pain of her fingers got unbearable to the extent that she had to stop using the computer. She could hardly move her fingers. 

"I couldn't clasp my hands, even button my shirts."

 The pain became so severe until Masako couldn't finish the last step of finishing the App. With sheer determination, she tried various therapies, from acupunctures, creams to massages, but NONE OF THESE worked!
She was distraught and had to stop the process.

Be Bold, Be Brave

Masako then suddenly recalled that she has an orthopedic specialist friend, Dr. Kubota whom she had lost touch with. She then explained to him the agony she's experiencing. 

Dr. Kubota spent 25 years in Orthopedic Specialty, and he did focus his research to ease Arthritis and Carpel Tunnel pains. And he had invented a Massage Roller for the fingers.

Dr. Kubota explained that people nowadays will develop lumps or nodules at the knuckles of the fingers. The knuckles will become enlarged, swollen and stiff, therefore causing pain. Through several experiments, he found out that most of the arthritis patient they could not do this gesture. 

"We called it Apana Mudra, use the tip of middle and ring fingers to touch the tip of thumb with other two fingers (index and little finger) touching each other."

"If you failed to do so, the knuckles of your fingers will enlarge and you'll feel pain later on."

"Therefore, we develop this Massage Roller to massage your finger to palliation the pain."

Massage Roller was created to cure the problem. 

With the roller design which made of natural rubber, it does improve the blood circulation by massaging the joints of the finger. Moreover, it can get rid of the numbness and loss of tactile sensation at the fingers. After repeated massage, the Massage Roller slowly relieves the pain.

Dr. Kubota discovers that this is a common ailment nowadays as many of us are spending many hours in front of computers and mobile phones. 

With many hours spent on the gadgets, our fingers will start feeling sore and numb in the first place.

"It's vital to start taking care of our fingers soonest possible by using the Massager Roller"

Masako tried to use the Massage Roller on her fingers and the pain gradually ease off!

"It's was amazing! There is a gentle way to relieve my fingers pain."


Masako was excited and able to continue where she left off. Every one hour interval, Masako use the Massage Roller at her fingers to ensure the blood circulation is getting well at her fingers. She even bring it with her where ever she goes and use it as regularly as possible. 

With unremitting effort, Masako was successfully developed the Game App she started with Takahashi. She is so grateful with it and the Massage Roller will be her lifelong friend. 

"I never thought that my fingers will be the obstacles in creating this Game App..."

"The simple yet effective therapeutic tool has great help for me."

"Prevention is better than cure, take good care of your fingers before it's too late."

Pain of the fingers is a common ailment nowadays as our work are sedentary with modern technology. We spend many hours on computers and mobile phones where are fingers are doing the manual work.

Getting good blood circulation to the fingers is very important. 

Have a Massage Roller handy for a pain-free future!

You have nothing to lose, except for your health problems to get worse...

A Companion of Life