Beautiful Discoveries Often Appear After A Bumpy Ride

This is a story of an elderly lady who reveals how she cured her insomnia and able to sleep soundly at night.

Monday 26 October, 2020 | Roselynn Cooper

"I can still remember clearly, that first night, I was able to sleep soundly." 

Jessica was blind and had insomnia for many years. As a token of remembrance, gratitude and love for her fiancé, she invented a patch with special scent that helps people to sleep and she named it “Billy Patch”.

Jessica became blind when she was 30 years old from an accident. She lost everything… her family, her career and her friends after turning blind. Billy, a caretaker who took care of her became her only companion and took good care of her. 

Can’t be a Sleeping Beauty

Jessica recalled, “Earlier, I could barely sleep at night. I kept turning and tossing in bed."

"I desperately wanted to sleep, to get good rest. I became agitated easily and started losing interest in almost everything."

"Billy was doing his level best to help me. He told me to take sleeping pills, listening to soothing music, doing meditations… but none of these worked. "

"I was venting my frustrations and anger onto Billy but he was so patient with me because he understood what I was going through. He never got angry and continued encouraging me.”

You Win Some, You Lose Some

During a summer holiday, he decided to bring me back to his hometown in a countryside for a short break. Jessica reminisced “The first night I was there, I could sleep soundly. It was a scent of a plant, the mild fragrance that calmed me and helped me to sleep”. Billy was so glad to see that I could sleep, woke up looking recharged and jovial.

Billy got so excited and immediately started to find the magical plant producing the scent. As he was scouting to find the plant, tragedy struck! Billy got into an accident. He was badly injured and had to be sent to the hospital. “My world crumbled when I got a call from the hospital telling me that my dear Billy didn’t make it. It really crushed me to the core and all I could do was cried.”

A surprise then came. The hospital told Jessica that Billy had agreed to donate his corneas and had named Jessica to be the recipient. That completely blew Jessica off and she cried even more. The departure of Billy from her life was still a shock to her.

“When I opened my eyes, I could see things again! The joy of my restored sight and the gratitude for Billy made me cry. The doctor who performed the transplant advised me not to cry as the tears will harm the corneas so soon after the surgery.” – Jessica.

Jessica’s life went on, now without Billy physically but with his eyes, his precious gifts to her. She had an unfinished business to resolve… the cure of her insomnia. She resumed where Billy left off. She kept searching for the plant and finally found it… It’s a Chamomile! She held up the plant and with tears flowing, she was reminded of Billy.

Sharing is Caring

With the discovery and very well knowingly what she went through with insomnia, she was determined to share the cure with the world. 

Jessica then embarked on discussions with a team of scientists to invent a remedy using this special Chamomile. Scientist Max explained,

"Chamomile is commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer. The calming effects is attributed to an antioxidant called Apigenin, that is in abundance in the plant."

"Apigenin binds with specific receptors in the brain that decreases anxiety and initiate sleep.”

"A formulation was produced using Chamomile and all other natural ingredients. It’s made into a form of patch and had been tested with an effective rate of 98%. ”

-Scientist Max

“I was the first to try. It’s magical… I can now have amazing restful nights. It’s so simple to use .. just patch it on nightly onto an area with little or no hair such as the shoulder, back or hip, that it!”, said Jessica.   

Jessica decided to mass produce the patch and introduce it to the world.  

She named it “Billy Patch”

as a tribute to the person who inspired her with the discovery, 

a person who gave her his eyes, 

 a person whom she will forever love.  

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” — Thomas Dekker

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