We make a life by what we give

Read on for this amazing story and pass it on to all those you know who are suffering from back pain.

Tuesday 21 October, 2020 | Richard Brown 

"It leads me to a new way of life. We make a living   by what we get, but we make a life by what we         give."

Kennedy and his buddy, Wang Jun, a Shaolin monk decided to share with the world, a remedy for pain and insomnia. 

Kennedy is grateful to Wang Jun for helping him to stand up again. With the revelation of this remedy, over 40,000 people in the world have been cured. 

Kennedy was a professional UFC middleweight fighter. He loved getting into the rings and fighting. He had good winning record and basked in the limelight of victories. 

The Life of a Fighter

Until one day, he met his match… actually more than his match. He was brutally beaten and hurt his spine very badly. 

After he sent to hospital, he was told that he may need to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He didn't say a single word and left with serious sequelae after one month of rehab. 
He tried numerous times to get up, but his legs can't stop shaking. The back pain kept troubling him. Even worse, he also had insomnia caused by the excruciating back pain. 
Deep down his heart, he knew that his fighting days were over... 

When Kennedy was down in dump, his coach came bringing hope. He insisted Kennedy to go to a Shaolin Temple telling him that his cure may be found there. 

In Shaolin Temple, Kennedy was introduced to Master Kong and his disciple Wang Jun. After knowing the situation of Kennedy, they decided to immediately start the remedial therapy. Kong took out a secret formula that had been passed down through generations and Wang Jun started to mix the herbs.

We make a life by what we give

A patch of the mixed herbs was applied into Kennedy's feet. He could feel the relief coming through his whole body. He felt so light as if it was like walking on cloud. This is the first time he felt so relaxed after the crushing incident! 

He was able to stand up after 3 hours of resting with the patch on. After 3 days of therapy, he miraculously recovered to his extreme delight. 

As curious as a cat, Kennedy was wanted to know how the magic come about from Master Kong and Wang Jun. Kong explained that human feet is the second heart as it gathers a lot of blood vessels that connect to the entire body. 

"Through our daily routine, blood vessels transport blood that contains oxygen, nutrients and other substances including toxins throughout the body. Some of the toxins will get stuck inside the blood vessels and will cause ailments such as insomnia, numbness, continuous yawning.”

Kong went on to explained further to Kennedy. In Kennedy's case, the blood vessels were messed up from the blows he got from the fight. 

"As a result, a lot of toxins and unwanted substances got stuck in the blood vessels. ”

"The blockages of the blood vessels caused your legs to wobble. With the patch of herbs applied to your feet, it helped to absorb the toxins and dissolved it.” 

"One of the ingredients, Reynoutria Multiflora has a calming effect. It smoothens the nerves and improves your sleep quality and releases the pain. That’s how it works!”


Due to the amazing effect of the formula, Kennedy was pleading with Master Kong to reveal the secret formula. Master Kong was adamantly in not wanting to reveal the secret formula that they kept for 300 years in Shaolin Temple. 

"The formula can only be passed on to the Headmaster. That's the order!"

Selfless Wang Jun thought this kind of good thing should be shared for the benefit of many. 

He made a pact with Master Kong for them to get into a duel where if he wins, the secret formulation can be revealed and put to good use. 

The duel took place with the prodigy winning it. 

After Wang Jun and Kennedy got the formula, they started to mass produce the patch. 

Wang Jun was conscious in keeping the production cost at the lowest to make sure that it’s affordable to those who need it. They successfully sold over 40,000 patches in the first month. 

Super Patch™ is now a renowned name widely used all around the world. 

"We making a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


"I’m blessed with a good heart and wise mind. I’m glad that I can help the people who are in need.”

-Wang Jun

Go with Good Heart and Wise Mind