Little-Known Breathing Tool to Work in Harsh Conditions for South Africa Miners

For over half a century, coal miners from South Africa risked their lives at the extreme condition in the underground mine - with little or no gears.

It’s a lucrative way of life in South Africa where they have now discovered the answer for a common sleep-related breathing disorder, helping millions across the world.

"There was an ancient tools." 

"It sits comfortably in your nose and expands your airways to breath in more oxygen."

Yolanda comes from coal mining family, she uncovered the truth of coal miners survive in such harsh condition. 

Yolanda wishes to continue her family business, 

but her Father says otherwise...

“Yolanda is destined to achieve more in life.... her talent shouldn't be wasted on these harsh labour..."

“She is smart, we all know that she could change the world one day."  

Yolanda studied hard and earned a full scholarship at Engineering Faculty of Stanford University. But in her final year, a boy moved into the next door of her dormitory. The boy sleeps like a log and snores like a foghorn, giving Yolanda sleepless night every day! 

"I'm frustrated, how can I complete my final year without getting enough sleep everynight?"   


Then an idea was popped up into her mind....

Small Inspirational Turned Her Career Life

All these go back to that ancient tool, many have used this tool when they went sleep for generations. This tool stopped their snoring, allowing them to sleep deeply and peacefully every night!

“I remember very clearly, it was that simple."

She used her engineering skills to redesign the tool for adapting to the modern world. With the improved model, she believed that the user will feel comfortable with the device. 

The snoring boy next door has soon decided to be the first volunteer of the test subject. He've stopped snoring that night after using it! 

He was very grateful and suggested Yolanda to create more as his father and brothers also suffers from loud snoring. After two weeks, Yolanda received the call from her neighbour's mum to thank her. 

"Her husband, who've been snoring for the past 25 years, no longer snore in the night!" 

Word of mouth spread. She saw the huge potential of this device. So after her graduation, she flew back home and worked hard, wishing to bringing the change to this world. 

The sales pass 50 thousand units during the 1st year of launching!

It is called Snoreezy™, even BBC have done an exclusive report for it... 

“This device definitely will help you to breathe better."

"It is transformed from an ancient tool used by coal miners from South Africa. Now this device have bring benefits to millions of snorer around the world.” 

 The research shows that the snorer will have an increased risk of getting stroke and heart disease, up to 10 times compared to a non-snorer. The product is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart attack among snorers.

 An otolaryngologist from Chicago, Dr. Timothy Landon has explained the scientific theory of this world-changing tool. 

“People usually think that snoring is only a minor issue. But actually it is very threatening. "

"When you sleep, the muscles in the roof of your mouth (soft palate), tongue and throat relax. The overly relaxed tissues in your throat will partially block your airway, causing non-natural vibration, creating the sound of snoring."

“If it was not treated properly, there'll be a chance of complete blockage in your airway." 

"It may also interfere with your breathing while you sleep, affecting your sleep quality" 

"Snoring also increases the risk of stroke and heart disease."  

"So, I highly recommend Snoreezy™. The simple, safe and instant solution to stop snoring. Simply have it in your nostril before going to bed, it will expand your airway and allowing sufficient amount of fresh air to enter your lungs easily." 

"When the snoring stop, you will be able to achieve better sleeping quality." - Dr. Timothy Landon

Horward Javis, editor of "LivingNow" was a snorer for many years.

"I've never thought that snoring might be the cause of hypertension. " 

"The device is small and just clip under your nose. I thought it would be uncomfortable to have something in the nostril, but it's not..." 

"My wife said that the snoring sound disappeared right after the first night i have tried Snoreezy™. Before that, my snoring was so loud that we had to sleep in separate rooms." 

"She wasn't able to sleep well every night."

"After trying it out for a month, my blood pressure went down and I've achieved better sleeping quality now."

" I feel ENERGIZED!"

Thanks to Yolanda, people across the world started to realize the potential and benefit of Snoreezy™. It is extremely practical, and perfect for traveler as it is small size. Snoreezy™ is designed to benefit the children too and those with respiratory complications. So, don’t wait until the snore becomes a tragedy.

Makes a change, treat the snores TODAY!