Stay Positive, Good Things Will Happen

A story about David who faces a tragedy that brings him down to the bottom, and how he overcame it with his persistent. 

Wednesday 16 September, 2020 | Julie Jones

"Today is the happiest day in my life. It's felt like miracle to gain back the youth."

David is a 80 years old farmer who work in the farm for 12 hours. 

David is one of the oldest farmers in the US. He retired a few years ago and passed it down to his son. His son improved the efficiencies by using the tractor and drone in watering the farm.

David was happy about his son to take over his farm and enjoy to take care of his grandchildren. 

Until one day...

The Bottom of the Life

5 years into his retirement, David's son got into a fatal accident...

This affected David had no choice but to return back to the farm to support the income of the family.

The technology which bought by his son brought difficulty to David. He failed to operate the tractor properly, even the drone also been crashed when he wanted to water the farm.

David felt terrible and helpless, but to take care of his grandchildren, he needs to work...

David back to the farm once again. This time, he decided to follow his original way to continue the farm work, the way he knows well. He spent 12 hours everyday in the farm. Meanwhile, he has to take care of his grandchildren. 

Due to heavy work load, he suffered severe back pain. However, this is not the reason to make him to stop farming. Even though in great pain, he had to persist it everyday...

Stay Positive, good things will happen

David failed to attend his granddaughter's family day. Carol, the teacher came to visit David to find out why.

David was lying on the bed when Carol's visit. David's back was in extreme pain and can't move his body. 

"I was shocked and worried about David's condition!"


Without hesitation, Carol took out the foot patch that she always bring along and patched on David's feet. After 1 hour of resting, David was managed to move!

David was surprise about the result. His back is not as sore as before!

"I can't believe this is truly happening, it's really amazing!"


Carol explained that her mum also suffered serious back pain for years and was cured by the patch.

The backaches bothered her mother's inability to stand for long and unable to sleep well at night. Carol tried several ways from acupuncture, cream to posture brace, but NOTHING worked.

Until Dr. Yvette, Carol's friend call her, the specialist who recently made a profound discovery in Orthopedic field. 

Dr. Yvette recommend Carol's mum to use the foot patch that can cure the back pain every night. Carol's mum feels much better after using it.

This is why Carol was carried the foot patch with her. 

Dr. Yvette explained that the foot is our second heart. Standing for long period of time can cause poor blood circulation. Without proper blood circulation, the lymphatic system will not work effectively. 

"The blood is to deliver the oxygen from our lungs to the farthest parts of our body while removing carbon dioxide and other waste products. "

"The waste products will accumulate at the feet due to poor blood circulation. "

"It should be removed from the body but it failed to do so. Blood flow to the feet is very important. "

When the foot patch is applying on the foot, it helps to detox the waste products. A mixture of traditional herbs is spread around the soles of the feet. The herbs are then absorbed from the feet into the body. 

This process helps eliminate the unwanted toxic from your body and improve the immune system of the body. To get the better results, patch it every night and remove it the next morning. 

"Remove the foot patch and you will be amazed!"

"I feel regenerated and recharged!"

David was grateful in Carol's sharing. His back is not painful as before. This helps David to work normal and doesn't need to worry about his back pain. 

David now feel thankful everyday when he wakes up. He can enjoy his farm work again and the enjoyable time with his grandchildren!

Are you ready to relieve your pain?

People around the world are now using this foot patch to improve the blood circulation. 

By using the foot patch every night, you can relieve your backaches, removes the toxic from your body, improve blood flow, and even gain back the youth!

You have nothing to lose, except for your health problems to get worse...

Gain Back The Youth